Unhappy with My Book Live as I cannot get technical support

I have never had issues with WD products but for some reason, can’t get any support for My Book Live. Recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mavericks. Since doing so, have not been able to back up with Time Machine nor can I find previous backups that were visible on My Book Live. I emailed support and got a response about updating My Book Live. Still can’t back up. Was on the phone a few weeks ago with 1st level helpdesk tech who could not help me do anything different that I had not tried prior to the call. With that, I was told he would have to escalate my issue up and someone would return my call, if not that evening, the following day. At no time did I receive a call. I am frustrated but fortunate that I purchased this at Costco as I was able to return it. And I’ve had this unit for almost 2 yrs. 

It is unfortunate that WD don’t seem to be able to assist in this issue nor do they care.

I really liked this product and being able to access files from my phone. It was so simple to setup my own network, etc.

I have tried to get this issue resolved since the end of April. I have uninstalled and re-installed per their instructions, I’ve also connected the laptop directly to my router while installing. Whenever I tried to update the software, I would always get “the WD update server is currently unavailable”. I’ve attempted this numerous times on different days and different times. Sorry WD but you have just lost a customer.


Can you share a little bit more information about your issue? Are you getting any error messages?