Unhandled exception message

Windows XP; My Passport Essentials - v 1.032 (will not let me update) and have the following problem:

Cannot retrieve - backs up without knowing if it actually is - can’t tell when it is over day and night and no message that it finished - keep getting message: Unhandled excepiton has occured in your application. I tried to update the software to  v. 2.018 and it said it did update it but it still shows in the Passport as the old version. Says something about the JIT debugger but I do not know how to do this - I’m not a programmer. Can someone help.

Try to update the drive on another computer since there’s something on your computer killing the process. Also check if you have smartware’s requirements (.Net FrameWork 3.5 SP1) and manually try to restore the files off your passport if you copy&paste the smartware.swstor folder to your computer.