Unformat my passport

After I entered wrong password to unlock my WD passport external hard drive for several times, the warning window appeared and I don’t know how but unfortunately I clicked the “Format” button not knowing that it was a serious alert. so it started to format the drive and as soon as I saw the message I unplugged it while still in the middle of the process and thereafter windows does not recognize the volume and I cannot see the content. Is there any solution to this problem. I am really grateful for any kind of suggestion.

Well, you disconnected the drive while it was been formatted, most probably damage the partition and the file system.

The drive is visible in the Disk Management ( Start > right click on Computer, on the computer management window click on Disk Management )? If so, you might be able to format and use the drive again.

you could try a partition recovery tool to recover the files, but jerking the cable while it was formatting doesn’t bode well.  like cuernodu says, you might just repartition and format.