Unfair seller? Refurbished as brand new? Help needed in S.M.A.R.T interpretation, please


Some days ago I’ve bought a part of Hitachi HDDs (Hitachi Ultrastar A7K2000). The seller offered those disks as NEW (not as refurbished). But if I took a look at S.M.A.R.T report of those disk I’ve seen that there are some strange entries.

There is “Power on hours” 0 (like for a new disk) but there are also some test reports form the past (28390 hours ago = years of power on). And there is a lot of log entries from the same time (years ago).

Might I kindly ask you to help to interpret those values? In my opinion someone removed the the most of S.M.A.R.T data but some of values are keept on disk (above logs and tests result) abd was unable to remove it. Next the seller sold this used HDD as a completely new?

Will you be able to confirm my suspicions? I need this to negotiate of return of those disks. Your help will be very appreciate for me!

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Hi Zbyszek… I’m not sure how you would reset the smart values on a drive, all the value/worst/thresh look good, but agree the other numbers are confusing. What the date on the label of the drive ? Have you contacted their support to see if the drive is even in warranty ?

Did you get an invoice inside that say Goharddrive ?
I purchased a few of them on ebay from that seller and they all refurb sold as new. SMART data erased but physical dents/mark on the drive itself gave it away.

Came here looking for similar answers. I bought several Ultrastar (HUS723030ALS640). Similar smartctl results made me suspect the same as you, however, I notice the drives aren’t in the drivedb.h file in smartmontools. I think my next step is to get this drive added to the database to verify the counters are accurate.

Same here. I bought 4 HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 HUS724030ALE641 3TB SATA drives from eBay seller apethouse and received refurbs from GOHARDDRIVE.COM.

The SMART data is zeroed, but the SMART test log shows vendor tests at about 28000 hours.

Vendor still claims these are New Old Stock with zero hours. We need an officlal statement from HGST on how to tell a NOS drive from a refurb.

Non-technical users will buy these and when they fail early they will assume that all HGST drives are poor quality, so it is in your interest to address these scams.

It might be that the SMART reading software is misinterpreting the data.

The SMART data is not cast in stone, it is set of numbers and references and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from drive to drive.

That is why a software interpreting them has to have an updated database.

For some disks this data might simply not be available and/or the software developers too lazy to update it.

I am not defending the seller, just saying.

My problem is a bit different though somewhat related. I bought 3 Manufacturer Refurbished 3TB HGST drives from different vendors. One showed zero power on hours (that one came from Gohardrive), the other two showed 17000+ hours (one from Newegg, the other from “refurb4less”. Gohardrive offers a 1 year SELLER warranty, the other two companies 90 days or less (and they are not Manufacturer warranties). The reason I’m replying here is the one that showed zero hours was sold by Gohardrive, as the drive in question here shows I think (though the drive in this post was purchased as “new” not refurbished.) I may have to stay away from “refurbished” drives in the future, even Manufacturer Refurbished, as all these questions make me wonder what really happens with Manufacturer Refurbished drives, at least HGST brand, Seagate puts a new label on theirs so you know THEY refurbished the drive, still undetermined what HGST does with their Manufacturer Refurbished drives, I even called, HGST customer support was unable to answer my question.