Unexplained data


I reformatted the drive on my My Cloud ex4100 and now notice that it shows 319.64 mb worth of data. I have not saved any thing to the NAS and when I open it in windows file explorer there are no files. I did this reformat because there was over 6 tb listed under Other and I could not find the data in windows file explorer.

Any idea what how I can find out what this data consists of?


Hi there,

I would recommend you to follow these KBA’s-
If My Cloud Dashboard is not showing the files and shares-
Know the reason, After a system reboot, the Samba configuration file does not match the actual shares on the device and the shares do not appear.



Your error. You are not supposed to see what is in Other since it includes things like operating .system PLEX data and other things user is not to mess with. You should not have reformatted…