Unexpected files in the root

Guys, 3 strange problems and I think somehow linked to each other:

  1. suddenly found some files I shared and attached to emails recently, not all files I have ever shared or attached. It’s invisibly from windows explorer or mobile software, I can see them only through dashboard web file viewer right in the root, among my shares. Additionally, some of the files in the folders with the same names they are stored in my shares.

  2. One of the folders is very strange, it calls iTunes and if I open that, I can see the full path and it’s linked to my real folder calls iTunes inside my Public/Music. (Kind of shortcut)! And inside of that are all my files, the same like in original folder, but I believe this is shortcut. By the way, I use Public as my iTunes library. Do shortcuts work in web viewer?

  3. One of the new appeared folders is TimeMachineBackup (I removed it, the name probably was slightly different). I’ve never on TimeMachineBackup as I don’t have Mac.

What are going on there?


Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Yep, you are right looks like no one ever met that issue. Thx.


Manual reset helped to solve it. What should be done: switch off the device, press and keep holding reset at the back of device while switching on the unit and wait for 40 seconds, then release the button and done. But dont try to upload your configuration file back (if you did and have) as this will return the same issue. Unfortunately settings should be set from the fresh point.

Strange, but unexpected folders arising again in “shares”, seen only from web viewer. Looks like it happens if you remove one of the disk while unit in operation…