Unexpected Activity


I’ve just set up my EX2 andc backed up both my home machines to it with the last backup ending about 12 hours ago.

I’ve just noticed a lot of activity on the EX2 whilst none of my devices are accessing it.  Any thoughts, particularly as this has been going on for more tham an hour!


I had similar activity without any access. Mostly starting on midnight and lasting for half an hour or so. Never figured out what the reason was.

Thanks, dactylus.

This activity has been going on for at least a couple of hours now so I’m a little suspicious.  I’ve looked at external hub activity and the only IP addresses I don’t know trace back to WD in California so I’m wondering if it’s WD doing some thing?

I raised the case with WD Support and got a response which included the following…

"As I understood, your cloud device does not go to sleep mode and you are afraid it may be hacked.

Your device is not hacked. This situation is perfectly normal for a cloud drive. Especially if the Cloud Access or any other remote access services are enabled.

Additionally, one of the main actions that makes the drive to stay awake is processing large quantities of media files as each picture, music file and video must be indexed in the background.

If you happen to be loading new files to the drive very often or changing files each day, then it is an expected behavior.

This is nothing to worry about, as cloud devices are designed to work 24/7. All you have to do is to make sure that the drive gets cool air and is dust free so it would not overheat.

If you would like your drive to be shut down for the night, you can use power schedule instead."

Problem explained!!

Can someone explain this problem?

amazonaws ??

maybe try to fix this problem or at least explain it in dumb language so ALL understand lal…