Undo RAID Partitioning - Can't find instructions?



I have a RAID which has been configured as RAID 0 and partitioned into two 6 GB drives. I would like to remove the partition so that the drive acts as one large 12 TB drive again. Then I want to format it to a RAID 1. I haven’t been able to find instructions on how to undo the partition. Please advise.

Thanks very much.


It depends on which drive you have of ours. One of them is a software RAID and that process is done in the Disk Utility.

If it is a G-RAID removable you need our configurator to change the RAID policy.


It is a G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 removable 12 TB http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-raid-thunderbolt-2

The drive was partitioned in Disk Utility. The RAID 0 was formatted in configurator.

Can you send instructions about how to undo the partitioning?


I have the same issue. Following


Rydia, can you please advise?


The easiest way is to just re-configure the drive using our configurator software. Change it to RAID1 and then back to 0 if you wish and it will remove all partitions from the device and start over as a RAW drive.


Thank you. That worked.