Undo items ready for deletion in activity section in my cloud

How do I restore items ready for deletion in the activity section of my cloud?
There is no way to reverse the process on my I pad.I didn’t realize by placing all my photos and vids in the trash can would also take away everything out of my share in the my cloud device. So all this stuff is sitting in trash n the activity ready to be deleted. I just desperately want to reverse what I did.
Thank you . I am a novice with this.

Are you using an app or are you logged in via browser? When I log in via browser, there is no concept of trashcan. When you delete something, its gone. The message tells you that it is about to be permanently deleted.

I used the WD my cloud app.I didn’t realize that all these photo were being wiped off the my cloud device as I was getting all these photos ready for delete to free up space on my I pad. The issue for me is why can’t this process be reversed especially knowing that all my stuff is still on my hard drive?

So you deleted the photos from both your iPad and your My Cloud. On your iPad did you check the Recently Deleted album? Photos usually stay there for 30 days before they actually get deleted.

I don’t use the my cloud app so I can’t help you with your specific issue of whether you can undelete from the app. If there’s a trash can there with stuff sitting in it, then there must be an undelete option. If you log in to the device via mycloud.com can you see the files?