Understanding different folders/locations

I’ve just got my My Cloud Home, and I’m a bit confused. On Windows 10 under ‘Network’ I have a device called ‘MYCLOUD-GNDXXX’, and under ‘This PC’ I have a folder ‘Jake’s My Cloud Home’ (which links to the same device). I’m trying to import content from an older My Cloud and this seems to be importing into ‘Jake’s My Cloud Home’ but not ‘MYCLOUD-GNDXXX’ which appears to have different content. How can the same device have completely different folder structure and content?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have the same question. I asked My Cloud Home to backup photos from my iPad and my Pixel phone. With My Cloud Home on the same local WiFi network as my laptop computer, I then backed up data files from my Windows 10 computer. I could see the backed up files but not the photos. When I took my laptop to another WiFi network, I could see my photos but not the other files. I don’t understand the file system at all. The user manual talks a lot about photos and videos. I am beginning to get the impression that My Cloud Home does not support remote access to files other than photos and videos.