Understanding backup settings/how backup works

I’m trying to understand the backup settings because i don’t want to lose any of the pictures I’m trying to backup using smartware. Let’s say I backup my computer to two external drives and then delete the picture files off the computer hd. Then I run backup again on all my files. the next week.  Will those picture files I backed up the first time stay on the external drives I saved them to, or will a new backup “overwrite” my last backup and now the new backup will have no photo files in it because the computer HD has none? thanks. I don’t want to lose anything and want to make sure that I just keep “adding” photos to the photo backup…Hope that makes sense.

Don’t worry, the difference between a backup and a sync program, is that the backup program will only add files to the external hard drive and never delete them but a sync program will delete the files from the external hard drive when you delete them from the computer. Smartware is a backup program. :wink:

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Hi, I’m new here. In fact, this is my first time. Onward: I have a related question. How do I delete only the backup files on my My Book Essential 3.0 with Windows XP? They are taking up too much room on my 1 TB. I will need it for future work space. I don’t want to format the drive at all. Thanks.

There is a folder called smartware.stor on the drive you can delete that folder and it will remove the entire backup