Under SMART Info what 'Power on time' would i expect to see on a 'NEW' hard drive

Just bought a Western Digital Black 500GB 7200rpm 2.5" SATA (Model - WD5000BPKT - 22PK4T0) from an ebay seller who is listing them as new ‘unused’, i have just recieved my drive and ran it through DiskCheckup software and have the following ‘Raw Values’ under ‘SMART Info’.

Start/Stop Count  ‘63’

Power On Time   ‘25’

Power Cycle Count  ‘61’

Power off Retract Count  ‘26’

Lload Cycle Count  ‘1388’

Should i be seeing these values on a ‘New’ drive, is the power on time in ‘Hours’.

Well i just downloaded ‘Data Lifeguard Diagnostics’ and ran the drive through that and the Power on Hours value is ‘100’, its also the same for my laptop WD Blue drive, does Data Lifeguard Diagnostics not give an actual power on time in hours. What does the 100 value mean?.

Does’nt matter now , i ran some data recovery software and found what appears to be a full operating system judging by all the files so confirms my suspicions that the hard drive was previously used, would still like to know what the ‘Power On Time’ value should be for a brand new unused hard drive if anybody knows, would it be zero or maybe a small value from testing at the factory if they do that. 

Hi the way it works is when they run a batch of drives only a few of those drives are tested. If it is a refurbished drive like you get from a RMA they are all tested. But the values would be very small as it would only be started once or twice.

Well i’m currently in dispute with the seller, they are claiming the drives are ‘NEW and unused’ yet they have just admitted to me that they installed window 7 on the drive to fully test the drive, i can’t make sense of it, who installs a full operating system on a new drive to test it when there is specific software that will check the drives health for example western digitals own diagnostic software, they say they installed a clean version of windows 7 yet i have lifted data from the drive with data recovery software that i know does’nt come with a clean install of windows 7.

If someone installs an operating system on a new drive and then reformats that drive to sell on then surely that drive is then classed as used.

Hi yes and the ones that WD would test would likely have the smart data wiped. For me if the drive does not come in a sealed antistatic bag not one that uses tape then it is not a new drive. Places like staples for example you can buy a drive take it home do what ever to it and can not get it to work they let you return the drive there A+ hehe techs recertify the drive tape the bag back up and put it out on the shelf to sell again.

Hi Ray,

I recently purchased a WD Black 4TB drive and noted the brand new smart values, it had smart values indicating it had been powered on once and run for 15 minutes if I remember correctly, probably just enough for an short or extended self test.

The values above indicate the drive has been run for 25 hours and powered on/off 61 times, 26 of which were not a safe shutdown (so like, using in an external enclosure and just pulling the cable etc, the drive detected the power loss and parked the heads accordingly.

The smart value of 100 in power cycle count indicates that out of 100%, the drive still has 100% of it’s rated operating hours left. The rated time is 10 years, so every 0.1 years (36.5 days or so) the drive is powered on for it will go down 1%.