Undelete Files

Is there a reliable undelete utility that will access MYCloud shares to recover files that were accidently deleted? This is user error not a software or hardware error.

How familiar are you with linux?
You’d need to log in via SSH and then try something like this:

I am not familiar with Linux and would have no way to access it.

Rich Kempter

Well you access it by enabling SSH on the device and then opening an SSH session using something like putty (on windows) or Terminal (on Mac). The rest is up to you. :slightly_smiling:


Rich Kempter

To enable SSH on the My Cloud see the following WD Support Document.


For Linux, there are variety of Linux boot disc’s that can be used to boot the PC and run Linux without installing the OS to the local hard drive.


Why would you want to boot Linux on a PC? To recover files on the My Cloud, you need to operate inside the Linux OS on the My Cloud device (via SSH root login).

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Why would you want to boot Linux on a PC?[/quote]
You don’t necessarily need to, but if you decide to pull the drive then it makes things so much easier to use a Linux boot disc. The problem with recovering any files/folders that have been deleted is if the OS writes to the drive it could make recovering files much more difficult. By pulling the drive and using a Linux OS one may be able to load more powerful recovery tools than one could run within the My Cloud Debain OS.


Doesn’t the My Cloud use RAID 5 and if so, pulling and only working on one drive at a time into another computer make the file recovery more difficult because files may span multiple drives? I’m asking, if a file spans multiple drives, would your suggestion not be able to recover these files? I think your suggestion has merit for the points you made, but I think it would only be able to recover files that are completely on the drive you pulled.

I look forward your response to further my knowledge in this area.

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This group uses the single drive My Cloud. Yes it does use raid but it is sda1 and sda2 that make up the raid.


The single bay My Cloud device have only one hard drive. As rac8006 indicates on that single hard drive is a RAID setup but it is sda1 and sda2. When one removes the single hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure and puts that single drive into a Linux computer. the Linux OS can mount all eight partitions including sda1 and sda2 partitions configured for RAID which contain the User Shares/data/files. Once the RAID sda1 and sda2 partitions are mounted the user can either access the data from the Shares or run data recovery on the Shares or partition to recover files/data.

Thank you Bennor for that helpful explanation!

On my old WD ShareSpace, model WDA4NC40000E. It is configured as RAID5 across four 1TB drives. Would what I wrote previously be true for my WD ShareSpace?

Thank you in advance.


JohnDeM33, no idea if removing all four 1T drives from the WD ShareSpace and installing to another PC would work. My assumption is no it probably won’t work.

I found the easiest way to recover deleted files is to remove the hard drive from the WD case and install in my Windows machine. I have two swap bays so I can boot to different operating systems if I want to. I tried the Linux method but found a free program for Windows that does a better job and is easier to use for us Windows users, The program was called Linux data recovery for Windows from DiskInternals. The program was free, easy to use, easy to understand, and did a good job of recovery. The downside is you need to have the tools and knowledge to remove and connect the Cloud WD hard drive.

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