UNC Naming (path instead of letter) possible for WIN7 & Essentials 2TB?

Hi All,

We use this new external drive for movie storage, taht’s it. We use Windows Media Center with a plug-in that manages the all movie content (Media Browser). MB software must aim to all folders containing movies. They reccomend using UNC style paty naming instead of a drive letter.

We should use this: \MyPCName\My Book\ Movies (folder)

Instead of this:  E: Movies (folder)

I can’t get the drive to recognize UNC naming obviously using the actual name of the PC isntead of MyPCName. The drive is named “My Book” from the factory and no way to change it without a formatting the drive (not necessary). I know this isn’t a NAS device but a few people said it’s possible. Does anyone know what steps I would perform to get the drive to accept UNC naming? Right now the Essentials is a glorified thumb drive. I haven’t set up any “Sharing”, it’s not being indexed, no Homegroups, not included in Libraries, etc. We did not install the WD software and see no need for it, except maybe adjusting “sleep” mode.

This is a closed system: just the one PC, the external 2TB drive, and internet connectivity. No sharing with other PC’s will happen.

Just set the permissions inside the drive. Right-click it, go to properties then to the security tab and add permissions for everyone on the network and make it a public share. The drive will be treated as a nerwork share that belongs to the computer and will be accessed as such. Did it with the internal hard drive of my laptop so I could access the files from my Wii.