Unbricked My Cloud Home - where are my files?

Hello - Not sure why but I have been unable to connect to my My Cloud Home 3TB via the network. Tonight I removed the hard drive from the case and connected it to my laptop via a SATA enclosure. I downloaded extFS and was able to mount my drive. I see there are 340 gb used but I can’t find my files. There are so many what seem to be random folders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I installed partition guru and was able to extract whatever files I needed from the folders

Free Version Here

Hello - Thanks for the reply. Before installing partition guru did you have lots of random folders with log files and other meaningless files? I mounted the drive using extFS but again the files and folders I see don’t make sense. Thansks.

Yes there are about 24 partitions on the drive but you can mount it and go through them looking for your files, the files are in the largest partition

I did put the drive in a USB caddy to do what I needed to do

would you be able at least to share any info you might have about the folder structure and/or any possible directory/path of the files?

i have similar problem and i am unable to locate any files i stored on the drive previously.