Unbrick without losing data?

I have a MyCloud 4TB running for 3 years (P/N WDBCTL0040HWT-10, should be gen 2) and just found it dead last week. it showed blinking blue light for around 1 minute then turned to steady red. I did reset multiple times and it is still dead.

I opened the case (already passed warranty date) and connected the HD (WD red) to a PC. with help of Ext2fsd, I can view the hard drive from my Windows PC. There are 6 logical partitions shown (Drive E, F, G, H, I, J), I found all my data on drive J and I can access them.

From what I learned from this forum, the unbrick method seems destroy all existing data. Is my understanding right? if yes, is there anyway I can rebuild the system without losing the files. There are about 3TB of data and it is painful to move to another hard drive.

Thanks in advance

that’s not as painful as losing your data

3TB might 24/48 hours to do (8/16 hours of that you’ll be asleep for) which is nothing compared to the time you’ve spent filling up the drive and the time you’ll spend getting all the data back…

I would count yourself lucky you have an opportunity to recover your data.


Unbricking the My Cloud you WILL lose your data doing it.

I’m sure if there was a way of doing that was not data destructive then there would be guides showing how to do it.

But if there is no other way … then that’s why it’s a last resort method.

Just do not format 4th partition (Skip mkfs command for /dev/sdb4)

Were you successful at saving the data? I just tried backing up a computer to transfer files to a new one and found the same fault on our My Cloud. With over 100,000 pictures, I am very interested to hear how your recovery efforts go.

In my case, the data was not lost. I took out the hard drive from mycloud and connect to PC through USB SATA adapter. Because MyCloud is linux system, so you can see the files directly from Winidows 10. Install Ext2fsd driver so you can view the files on the hard drive. if you can view the files, then you can copy the files to another drive.

ok. Thanks. I will back up the data and try to recover.