Unbrick my MBLD with second MBLD?


I have no idea where to put this question but i read many topics and did not find my solutiion or my answer to my question.

my situation:

ive bought a MBLD from a friend without disks. I bought two WD Green 3TB disks and now i want them to boot. but as i know it doesn’t.

My father has also a MBLD. So: is it possible to put one of my disks in his slot B and to perform this RAID mirroring. My mirrored drive I will put in my NAS and then it will be recognised and i can delet all the datas?

i will put back my fathers B in his NAS and it wiill work as before.

does my father looses any of his data? i think not…!?

sorry for my bad english and thank you for your responses. i think this would be the easyest way for me. if this doesent work for me i coul buy a sata usb adapter and do it with the guide here. :smiley:



If your dad’s MBLD is setup to run in RAID1 mode, I believe what you are proposing to do would work. You will also get all his data in the process. If you want to put the OS on the disks yourself then use the guide to debrick the MBLD at this link


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Thank you for your fast answer.

Its no proble, when I have his data. I will delete them after.

He has a 2x 2TB, and mine will be a 3TB disk. is this a problem for the RAID 1?


I didn’t even think about that and I’m glad you asked. I think it might be a problem as I think it will make your drive capacity 2TB instead of 3 if it works. I’m no raid expert but I don’t think a RAID1 rebuild will work on 2 different size drives, but I could be wrong and if it does work I think you would end up with only 2TB per drive instead of 3

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Do you think once i put my disk (limited to 2TB) in my NAS, i can reset to default settings (dashboard) and it will format the wole partition to 3TB? this would be the best case. i will try it. i hope i dont brick my fathers nas with this…

No, if it works the way I think it will, it will clone the data partition to the exact same size as your fathers. You could possibly extend the data partitions on both drives by pulling them out and using gparted or you could try extending the partitions by SSH’ing into the NAS and running some commands, but I have only ever done this on a single drive MyBookLive.

Using gparted would also still require a sata connection to a computer which you are trying to avoid

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thanks. ok i try it and worst case i run it with only 2x 2TB :neutral_face: , or i will buy a usb sata apter and try it with the guide in the link above. thank you very much for your opinion on this.


You’re welcome and please report back on how you make out :slight_smile:

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