Unbrick My Cloud Gen2 | 0MB Free Space


i’m trying to unbrick my My Cloud Gen2 for 2 Days now but i can’t get it to work.

Yesterday i found this Guide which was a big Step forward because now i have the webgui back

WD My Live\Book\Cloud\Cloud Mirror - 4PDA

Link for the files:

use live ubuntu or another linux OS

sudo su
change the sdB for the letter of your disk. Ex sdA,sdB,sdC… (List disks in system: “parted -l”)

parted /dev/sdb

mklabel gpt
mkpart primary 1049kB 2149MB
mkpart primary 8591MB -1MB
mkpart primary 7517MB 8591MB
mkpart primary 2149MB 3222MB
mkpart primary 3222MB 4296MB
mkpart primary 4296MB 6443MB
mkpart primary 6443MB 7517MB


mkswap /dev/sdb1
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb2
change the “/media/mint/4C9462439462301E/wd/” for the path to your files

dd if=/media/mint/4C9462439462301E/wd/sdb3.img of=/dev/sdb3
dd if=/media/mint/4C9462439462301E/wd/sdb4.img of=/dev/sdb4
dd if=/media/mint/4C9462439462301E/wd/sdb5.img of=/dev/sdb5
dd if=/media/mint/4C9462439462301E/wd/sdb6.img of=/dev/sdb6
dd if=/media/mint/4C9462439462301E/wd/sdb7.img of=/dev/sdb7

But now the Problem is that i have now Free Space on the My Cloud so i can’t upgrade the Firmware.
Also a Factory Reset changes nothing on the available Space.

Then i saw that i could set up a Raid/JBOD over the Webgui. The HDD Check says the Drive Status is good but when it try’s to create the JBOD it Fails with Error 600. After a restart the My Cloud starts flashing with red light.

Can anyone help me to fix it?

Best regards,

Did you get any luck with this??

The single bay myclouds have issues with the raid manager. Specifically, it only knows how to see SATA disks. There is only one sata disk in the system. There is no sane way (short of totally rebuilding the init script, and repackaging the initrd) to get the system to do raid-1 mirroring across partitions on the device-- not with the web manager anyway.

I have experimented with user-init based methods for creating arrays that span USB volumes-- The actual linux raid system present in the mycloud knows how to do it, but you have to fight against the volume automounter, and do some fun tricks to get it to let go.

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In the meantime i got 2 MyClouds to work.

The Problem was that when you follow the Guide there will be no Flags for the partitions.
After i set the right partition flags i could upgrade the firmare.

@Robs89 How did you manage to give them “flags”? What exactly is that?

Thanks for your reply!


I managed to change the flags within GParted, but other than that still shows 0mb free space.

Any ideas on how to change this? When trying to update the firmware says there is not enough space.

I’d really like to install the Fox’s clean OS distro in orther to have a fully capable MyCloud.

Thank you so much!

You can either: perform 40 secs reboot - power off, press reset and while powering on (still holding reset) count to 40ish seconds and let go of reset, should be blinking blue and it will start formatting drive.

If that fails, login to web, enable ssh, login to ssh:

sh -c MKE2FS_CONFIG=/etc/mke2fs.conf MKE2FS_SYNC=100 mke2fs -m 1 -t ext4 -E stride=64,stripe-width=128 /dev/sda2 3807238M ← this is while formatting 4TB gen2, for other size you will have to change the value!!!

EDIT: seems to not work, still have 0MB too :frowning:

Hello, first time comment

so… I just unbricked my GEN2 My cloud V2.xxxxxxx / V5.xxxxxxx

the way i did it was as follows:

Download everything in this folder WdmycloudUnbrick - Google Drive

it contains
the v2 xxxx firmware
the instructions.txt
the ‘boot’ folder (contains 4 other files)

Follow instructions and Done!!!

Your welcome :wink: :slight_smile: