UNAUTHORIZED DEBIT - FRAUD - Attention WD employee

Someone used my debit card to purchase Western Digital products. I do not know what, but this is what my statement shows

($553.83) 07/14/2019 WESTERN DIGITAL CORP 0000 WDC.COM IRVINE 840 - Purchase E88JGDA26048TQ1G2G

Please provide me a contact number / email of who to report this to with WD so you can cancel this as I did not authorize this. Or do this now from the info I have provided you.

@dsdestiny Have you contacted your bank that issued the debit card and reported this as fraud?
Your bank should refund your money and then they should go after the thief.

For WD see link for Contact numbers at bottom right of this page. (Contact WD)

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You are all wet, and dead wrong to state “Banks don’t like customers that report fraud”, so if this has been your experience you need a different bank!

When I discovered a fraudulent $100 purchase on my Bank of America credit card, I called the number on the back of my card and reported it. to BofA and they took care of the problem right away.

BTW, To put your card number in a public forum message was REALLY stupid.

Sorry you have a bad bank but as mike27oct said, maybe you need a different bank.

I have had fraudulent charges before and reported it to my banks and had my money returned to my account in a few days after reporting it. I had two fraudulent charges last year with different banks and in both cases my money was returned.

Unless I am using my cards I now keep them locked to protect myself and the bank.

100% Agree