Unauthorized data migration!

WHY IS WESTERN DIGITAL MIGRATING MY DATA? I have not given consent to this, my home cloud storage device is a private HOME storage device and do not require offsite cloud backup. Where are they migrating my data and why were we not informed! Also how long should we expect this to take as I need to access my server! I have clients waiting for data that is not accessible now!

This is truly UNACCEPTABLE!!

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What makes you think WD is doing anything with your data?

It is not the fact that I am specifically concern about WD doing something with my data but rather causing my business damage by blocking access to my data with their data migration. I have been offline for 4 days.


@SOCAMEDIA have you opened a support case? If so, please send me a private message with your case number so that we can look into your issue.

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That’s what I’m asking. What are you referring to when you say that WD is “migrating your data” somewhere? Why do you think they are doing that? WD doesn’t move your data around, certainly not “to the cloud.”


@SBrown @TonyPh12345 I’m experiencing the same issue. This message is what SOCAMEDIA is referring to. I cannot access any of my files and I have clients waiting for me to deliver files as well. This was a sudden occurrence in the middle of my work day with no prior notification so that I could plan accordingly.

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I am having the same thing. What to do. I am traveling overseas need data’s

I’m having the same issue. How do I access my data? I need it for work. Please help!

So my data migration update was completed this morning finally after 5 days. However all my data is not available anymore on the WD app that I have downloaded to my computer. I can access my data online (https://home.mycloud.com/shared/file) but somehow the location of where my data was stored changed. I suspect this is why I can`t see my data on the WD app as it feeds a specific shared folder to the app.

Hi, this happens me also I’m waiting here like waiting on paint to dry. Hoping and praying :pray: that I did not loose everything on this useless wd pile of ■■■■. I will never again buy anything after this. I’ve loads of photos to get if for printing. And I’m in an terrible state thinking of the outcome. 24 hours now and did not know what was going on. I woke up to this nightmare. Most unreliable thing ever. Please tell me this will fix itself. I plugged it out and was not meant to. So they say on a red print that I came across! How do they get away with this stuff! :sweat::rage:

What is going on with this wd??? Answer please??? Just not Acceptable.

No emails back nor nothing joke.

Mine started working yesterday evening (UK time) after roughly 24hrs. I raised the issue with WD. This is the response:

“Please note that this process can take up to 5 days, depending on the data complexity.
Rebooting the device causes the process to start over.”

Hope this is of some use. Not great and not particularly helpful if you need access to data immediately.

What the HECK is going on? Why are you doing this? I need access to MY DATA on MY DRIVE! Why on earth are you doing this without telling us? This is TOTALLY unacceptable and if what I read is correct, then my WD apps will no longer work. REALLY? Thank goodness I back up my back up or I would be up the creek!

I also have the same problem … my job has been blocked for two days and I don’t know when I can resume work. all this two days from summer holidays. I am very angry with WD. all this is unacceptable. I hope to have my files back soon I am very afraid of losing them.

I think I will buy a professional Nas and goodbye WD

Good day

I have not logged a support case. The Drive is back up and running now. The problem I have now is I have a main folder that is shared with 4 other people. The migration moved the ‘family’ folder from the main files and folders location to the shared folder location, making it impossible for the 4 people to access it through Windows Explorer / their pcs. Now they have to go online every time they want to access the folder. This is not practical. I’ve searched forums and see that a shared folder cannot be mapped with Windows 10. So how do I access the shared folder location from my device and not through the internet?

If this is the case the device has become redundant to me and I no longer have an use for it. How can you make such a major change to the software without having the Windows10 mapping problem solved?

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Ciao! but were you able to recover your files by copying them to your PC?

This answer makes no sense. Did he put all of his NAS files onto his computer?!? He wants his file sharing back without having to go through his browser. So do I!!!

Was there ever a resolution to your problem? I can’t stand having to go through a browser to access my files… could have used Drive or Box or DropBox or…