Unauthorised access via 3rd Party apps

strong textSo have I done something wrong?WdMyCloud 2Tb can be accessed by anyone using 3rd party apps such as player extreme and MCPlayer.
I was searching for an app that will play various media files and both the above mentioned do a fantastic job, but what I also noticed is that they automatically find my WdMyCloud 2Tb public folder, now that’s great but what’s scares me is the fact that through thiese apps I can access everything, they seem to bypass the WDMyCloud read write ownership settings.

Have I missed something during setup. I have 2 separate users with various read write access and yet I can actually see folders I shouldn’t have access to.

Any thoughts?

The media server embedded in the My Cloud bypasses the Private setting for a share. This is because of the DLNA standard doesn’t use password protection.

See the following thread for more info.