On my WD Green 3TB drive. I am unable to:

  1. It will not allow to Extend Volume on the New Volume as it is graded out.

  2. On the Unallocated volume I am not able to do anything as all options are grayed out.

My question how am I to allocate the entire volume? Thanks.

It’s probably using a MBR Partition Table which only supports a maximum of 2TB

It needs to be GPT (GUID Partition Table) which supports drives over 2TB

then you will be able to allocate the entire volume.

It is possible to convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss (google that phrase) … but, have a backup of the data just in case.

Thanks for the information.

There is nothing on the drive. I just want to get rid of the unallocated part and use the entire drive.
So, how do I get rid of the unallocated portion of the drive?


NVM figured it out. Thanks