Unallocated problem. passp ess

I am sure there are several threads about this but i need help.

I think i accidently deleted some files from the unlocker drive or something so now i can not access the main drive on my WD Passport esential anymore. I have a lot of stuff there i really need.

It shows up in the disk management but its black and there are no option to activate it. Only properties shows up.

Plz help

If you locked your drive using wd security or smartware you can download the software here. http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?modelno=wd10jmvw&x=0&y=0

Thanks, but  I have the smartware installed. Are there any other of the software?

In Smartware the drive seems to fall in and out and does not respond when i try unlocking. It just falls out again.

Ok so now i am trying to use the firmware update. Problem is that when i come to the unlocking, it just falls out and does not respond

beleave i have tried many times now what says in the box


Is the drives power adapter directly connected to a wall outlet? also try diff cables to update the firmware. If you are still unable to update the firmware and are now experiencing issues with the drive, you need to call tech support for a replacement, that is if you are still under warranty.

This is a passport essential so it has no power adapter. I only have this one cable but mayby I should buy a new one and try.

I no longer have warranty I think but i must say this makes me sceptical buying a new WD drive.