Unallocated Disk

I removed the hard disk from the My Book case and connected directly to a computer as my usb connector in the case is damaged. But it only shows as unallocated space in the disk management. I need that data in the hard disk. Some please let me know how I can get the data back.

If it’s a password-equipped drive, the the only option is to repair the USB port.

The password-equipped drives are hardware-encrypted.  The data is no good to you without the decrypter chip in the case.

Im having the same problem here. anyone have any idea how to recover my files or how to turn the unallocated disk into normal?

Like RoofingGuy said if this is a drive that came with Smartware you need the board the USB plug is on because the data is encrypted. If you can’t fix the USB port the only alternative is profesional data recovery. Possibly they can build a new board from the damaged one. There is a chip that controls encryption.


Hi guys good news, I finally recovered all my files and the HDD itself… I did disassembling the unit and connect it directly to my PC, I admit I was just hitting the try and try scenario till I found a clue that my files are still there. What I did was run a recovery software (any recovery software), I did it just to scan through my HDD which is now unallocated and 0% usage.

The tests took about hours from 11pm till 3am, and when I found out some files which are encrypted because the recovery software could not even recognize even the photos it gives me idea that the HDD is still in good shape. I cancelled the process and returned the HDD to its enclosure (Mybook) and had it rest some time a couple of days (doesnt really need to be this way, what I did was, I was surfing around the net looking for a software that could repair 

MBR(Master Boot Record) I think (I got it from some source also) although I was not quite sure if it really is the correct place to start with but I think it could also be it. And so I found a software for it, downloaded it and run it pointing to Mybook

which is now inside its enclosure attached normally from Usb and powered by its own adapter. I had the process for about hours also checking the HDD. While the status was showing me the folders and files were being read which exactly the files inside my HDD, I was so happy that it is now showing signs of full recovery although it was not done yet because there were about 5 process lined up and it took me till morning (about 8 hours). I did it because years of files were inside Mybook which WD SMART is not even usable. Mind you guys in my case I uninstalled that feature first before running different softwares on my own. This case should be very handy for the tech side of WD, I dont know why they should refer us to their partner companies for data recovery when they can have some clues given to their customers right at their own territory.  And mind you also I am no pro at this, I just have my own risks to overcome this case and finding my own ways to get my files back. Now I got all my files back without WD support tech.

Note: Do not reformat your HDD> c",)

Exactly what programs did you use to recover your data? My mini usb fell off and I resoldered it back up there but no luck. An exact step by step with exact programs would be really great as mines was completely full with important stuff . And for the experts, if I was to buy another my book and change them out, will it work again? Been meaning to but another one anyway.