Unale to connect WDTV Live Hub to iMac 27'' with Mac OS X ML 10.8.2

unable to connect to the selected source. please make sure the selected source ia active abd available for sharing.

abovementioned appeared during any attempt to connect  wdtv live hub to iMac

any ideas how to fix or better to forget abt it

Have you checked to see if the Hub thinks it is connected to the network? You will need a router between the two for this to work. I think a direct connection would need a crossover cable.

thanks for yr prompt reply my appologies not to mention the Time Capsule 2TB which are acting as router for the “entire environment” and back-up drive for iMac. just to give more brief description of my network also where’re exists one more WDTV Live Hub in another room + WD Share Space 8TB acting as a main media storage of my net.

Both 1TB drives of WDTV Live Hubs are not in use due to crucial drop of speed and overall bad influence for video streaming.

All media players and NAS Ethernet connected to Time Capsule on one side and iMac by Wi-Fi only due to no more Ethernet ports existing on Time Capsule

Looks like where are more than enough storage space even without 2TB of iMac drive but if You are using to watch and store "heavy movies’ like 1080p/i BR Remux etc 

This is the point for encreasing storage capacity as much as possible

and another thing now i am in process of making decision to buy Promise Pegasus Nas with Thunderbolt technology or not, if yes i will meet the same problem of connetion to iMac as the Pegasus storage drive seems to be look like one storage place with iMac drive

what’s it…

Well, a wi-fi connection to the computer isn’t all that great, but it’s not causing the problem.

To get more ports on the router, you can buy another inexpensive router and by turning off DHCP in the setup of the device you can change it into an ethernet switch and gain another two or three ports. I’m a mac user myself, and I use this set-up.

And my original question still stands: Does the Hub think it’s connected to the network?

well its good question abt what this Hub really thinking about:smileyvery-happy:

from my side i was checking its set up especially network preferences which stated its well connected to Time Capsule of course obtaining proper designated IP address, i can see both Hubs in the Finder under Shared Units and i can paste, delete, replace, remove etc media files between all the units in my network except of viewing media on HD of iMac.

i am not a proffesional but all above looks like Hub is connected to the net even more i have to mention log-in to iMac is ok i mean entering user name and password of my Account to iMac - it is accepted and after this appeared message to check what source is active and etc what’s it …

i am in doubt but have such feeling what course of this laying in files systems of Win and Mac???

Mac OS Extended and may be FAT or NTFS???

From the Hub’s mannual its clearly visiable that it was designed at first for Windows and then for Macintosh

what else all updates checked and installed as for iMac as for Hubs all under the latest version of software

also i rcvd answer from Apple Support Community some idea “New Update - Mac Universal Firmware Updater (10/24/12)” but it is for My Book  or My passport only…

once again i really appreciated for yr attention to solve this problem!!!