Unacceptable Customer Service


Here is a summary of my experience so far. Just trying to find someone other than Technical Support that can reach out to someone who can actually get this going.

I’ve tried speaking to a manager in the Tech Support team but they refuse to get me in touch with someone who can actually do something about the RMA.

I Submitted an RMA for an HGST drive (purchased May 2nd 2018 from Newegg.ca) on May 26th 2018.

The Drive was received at the Vancouver RMA office (Proof available) on May 29th 2018.

Reached out to Tech Support June 4th, no status could be obtained. Escalated the case.

Called June 5th, No update, Escalated again…

Called June 6th, No update escalated again…

Called June 7th, escalated again as no update…

RMA # 38748791

Tech Support Case # 060118-12986124.

This is completely unacceptable customer service.

To top it off, today the Phone # for Customer Service appears to be out of service? What Gives?

Is there anyone who works at HGST here in the forums who can help?

I’ve never encountered such terrible customer service from any company in my life…


Called again today, by contacting their Headquarters phone # and had to escalate it yet again…

The technical support line is still unreachable.


Any updates on your case?


Yea sorry forgot to post an update. They finally sent the drive seven weeks ago…