Unable to view pictures on Sony TV

Hi I have saved jpegs from my camera to the Public>>Shared Pictures folder and my Sony Bravia and playstation cannot see the pictures.

Videos and music are able to be viewed ok on Both TV and Playstation.

When I go to pictures it only displays album covers and not the pictures I put in the share. I have also tried creating a folder called pictures and this did not work either, has anyone any ideas?

Did you rescan the Twonky database after you added or moved all the files?

Yes, it rescanned and I also tried disabling it rebooting the box and then re-enabling it. I also noticed that it is continually scanning whenever I go to the dashboard.

I have now fixed it. I followed the instructions relating to accessing via SSH and recreating the db. in the following post   My-Book-Live-2TB-Can-t-Access-Twonky/td-p/222688.

When I accessed the drive and went to the twonkymedia directory and did a dir, there were also lots of jpeg’s in the folder from MP3’s fro some reason. I deleted all of the jpegs and renamed the twonky.db and info.db files and and then restarted twonky in web interface as per linked instructions. I also removed the last folder it had tried to scan as it failed on this twice. There may have been a problem in the mp3 files?

The database then rescanned ok and I can now view photos as well as everything else I shared.