Unable to View Photos Through Browser

Hello, I’m trying accessing my photo files through files.mycloud.com using Chrome, with my computer and My Cloud on different networks. I have no issues getting to the files, but when I click on one to “preview” (I don’t want to download), I’m directed to a new page that’s blank. I’ve uploaded a screen shot -

I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how I can preview my photos through the web browser instead of have to download. Ideally, it would be nice to have a “slide show” option using mycloud.com.


Do you experience the same problem using a different web browser like Firefox or Edge/Internet Explorer? What format (JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.) are the photos in?

Thanks, Bennor.

I’ve only tried in Chrome and Safari. The files are JPG and range in sizes from 1-4mb.

I’ve also tried on both my MAC and Windows.


This issue can occur when there is no thumbnail generated on the My Cloud device.
Please check with the My Cloud mobile app to determine if a thumbnail has already been created or not.

I have same problem :frowning: How I can check with the My Cloud mobile app to determine if a thumbnail has already been created? How I make thumbnails?

Sorry for my bad english.



Thank you,
OK, I can’t create thumbnails on my Cloud device. But, why I can’t view my photos in the web browser “mycloud.com”?
When I click on a photo, then i see only black screen :frowning:
I tried use browsers (chrome, internet explorer, microsoft edge) in internal and different network.
Could you help me please.


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