Unable to view files and folders

Hello everyone, first time member and new to the forum, hopefully this is in the correct place.

I have just bought this unit 2 days ago and am still in the midst of setting it up the way i like it. After hooking up to my wired network the firmware updated to version 2.04.13.  I was able to update and successfully reconize the unit in my network. I saw the folder “sample media” and made another folder beside it and loaded it with material as shown below.


      Sample Media

      It’s always sunny in philidelphia

           Season 1

               episode 1

               episode 2 etc…

           Season 2

After the transfer was complete (speed was 800kbps btw, but thats another issue), before deleting the files from my computer i had to make sure everything was working properly. I went to my tv and everything was nice, i was able to see the folder and navigate throught them as i wished. I decided to turn off the unti, unplug everything and see how it would react as a precautionary measure. After turning the unit back on i had to re-establish the network connection since it didnt have it in memory anymore. Afterwords, the unit says i have 71 new items, if i go to 

Video–>Select Content Source(red button)–> Local storage–> internal storage, the media shows up ONLY WHEN COORDINATED WITH

Filter(Green Button)–> All

i Am only able to see the files in one big mess , i want to be able to navitgate as mention before. if i try 

Filter–>Folders… i get “There is no media in the current folder”.

I was once lucky enough to be able to get back to the menu where files where once navigable however after restarted again i am now unsuccesful in replicating these results. Im not sure if this is a problem due to my inexperience or if it is just a buggy unit that needs to be replaced. I’m happy to answear anymore questions.

Have you been able to sort the files in a navigation tree as you want or have you found no solution so far?

I’m using a custom theme that fixes that issue for me at least; that is, my movies are all there at the main video page, but my TV series that are in folders in the movie file tree are still in folders rather than listed out which makes a mess of things.  I believe I’m using the Anodized theme, you should be able to find a link to it on this site.  It’s superior to the stock theme.