Unable to view content A-F

I have a 1TB my passport ultra linked to tv media player. When viewing the video files it doesn’t display files beginning letters A through to F but starts with movies beginning with G.
I have previously been able to view these files but since the firmware update I cannot view them.
I have check hard drive o
Through a pc and all files and thumb nails are present and play fine.
Any suggestions ?
Thank you in advance.

There’s are number of things you can try to “Refresh” so that all your files are visable

  1. After the firmware did you reset to factory default ?

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

  1. on your 1TB My Passport … find and delete the  .wd_tv   folder  *

(after doing this, completey power off the WDTV at the wall power switch … wait 10 seconds and switch back on)

  1. Clear your “Media Library” if you are using it …

Setup > System > Media Library > Ok > Clear Media Library

Try any, or all of these

* if you can’t see this folder … then your computer has not been setup to view “hidden file types”

"Google … "How to view/enable hidden files for Win (insert version here) "

Thank you for your prompt response. I will try these suggestions and report my findings.