Unable to view all files between devices

Hi, here is the problem I am having;
My old phone Samsung S7 has the mycloud app installed & i’ve transferred some photos from the phone to mycloud app which are appearing in the ‘downloads’ section.
My new phone, P30, also has the mycloud app installed but i’m unable to see these ‘downloaded’ photos anywhere in the app.
I’ve logged into mycloud via Chrome on my laptop and i still cannot find these ‘downloaded’ photos from the S7 anywhere.
I assume this has something to do with the different devices the photos were transferred from?
I’d like to get this issue resolved as i want to factory reset my S7 so i can sell it but don’t want to lose the photos.
Many thanks


Did you place this new phone on the Dashboard for access to your My Cloud?

Have you tried another browser? Have you looked at your My Cloud and where you saved or moved them to? Same with your P30 phone, where did you save the photos too?

The Mobile app only gives you access to your My Cloud.

Why didn’t you use Smart Switch to move everything over to your Samsung Galaxy P30?