Unable to use shared files(video, Music and pictures)

Hi all,

I have a Worldbook ed II and run a macbook pro with snow leapord. I am having probles accessing the set shared folders. I am able to enter the folder but i am unable to add any files to these. When i look at the permisions in finder it is set to read only and when i change this to read right it revers back to read only. 

I have updated the device to the new firm wear but still having the same problem. i can stream things to my TV by adding a new sharing file to Twonky but i am unable to use it as a itunes server or view my pics on my Iphone using the WD app.

thanks in advanced 


Can you add files from Windows to test if the problem is the drive? And what if you manually map the drive by clicking on Go> connect to server> type SMB://mybookworld> connect as a registered user?