Unable to upgrade WD Smartware

I get an error of “The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation” when I try to upgrade the WD Smartware software on my 32-bit Windows 7 laptop.

I am logged on as myself, the only account, which has Administrator privileges and the account used for installation. 

It is not possible to “Run as administrator” by right-clicking on the installation file nor can I change to “Run as administrator” by right-clicking on the file and changing the Privilege Level via the Properties/Compatibility window/tab as it is greyed out.

How can I perform the upgrade?



Try the following:

A) The quickest solution to this would be to log out and log in as the administrator and simply

change the user setting appropriately.

B) Also, if you go to users in your control panel and deactivate the User Account Control then this

should no longer be an issue.

C) Another simple solution to this predicament is as follows :

1- Enter the control panel once again and open Administrative Tools.

2- Go to the Local Security Settings.

3- Click on Software Restriction Policies.

4- In the event that there are no software  restrictions defined, you can right click on Restriction

Policies and

5- Select New Software Restriction Policy.

6- Next, double click on the enforcement and Select All users except local administrators.

7- Finally, click OK. Lastly, reboot your computer and the problem should be resolved.