Unable To Upgrade WD Smartware

Hi experts…

Im using WD Passport Essential 500GB. PC - Windows XP Pro

I’ve downloaded the updates for Drive Firmware and the WD SmartWare Software as suggested by WD and the members. I’ve successfully update the firmware, but the not WD Smartware update. When I click the WD Smartware Update setup program, it just Display the popup " Please wait while windows configure WD Smartware Update…" just for a few second, and its gone and nothing happen! Subsequently I can’t access my passport anymore!

  1. I have followed all the instructions.

  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is installed at my PC

  3. I’ve recheck the cables, put on other usb port and  tried with other PC

  4. I’ve uninstalled the Smartware and reinstalled

  5. No Password set on my WD

I can see the WD icon and when i put a mouse over it, the status show correctly (Drive name - My passport essential USB HDD [H:], Used 27%, Locked - No, Temperature - OK)

On My Computer, Drive H (my Passport) and Drive I (WD Smartware) are appeared, but H is not accessible

No H drive shown in the WD Smartware program, and the version is still

I know that the Drive Firmware is updated when I tried to upgrade it, the message shows: your drive firmware is already up todate.

Ive tried the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic, and NO errors found.

Appreciate for any help. Thanks a lot

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You should be able to update/install Smartware even with your Passport disconnected, the firmware is applied to the drive but Smartware is applied to the computer, so checking your Passport for errors is not going to help.

If I were you I’d uninstall Smartware and try to install it directly from WD’s site with the drive disconnected, if it still fails then you know that something on your computer is killing the process, so checking your computer for errors on the registry and a defrag would be the next step.

Also, you don’t need/have to install Smartware to use your drive and there are other free software you can use with your Passport.