Unable to update the firmware of My Passport, prompts no internet connection

Not able to update the firmware of My  WD Passport/ Mode: WDBADB5000ABK-EEUE
It finally stops and prompts, kind of,“Unsuccessful update download . Try your Internet connection and start again”, if from Russian.

Nothings wrong with my Internet connection.

Till now, I found no description of such an error on FAQ.

Can anybody explain me that? 

Well dude, first I’d suggest you to NOT update unless you’re having problems with the drive itself, the old saying goes as “If it’s not broken then don’t fix it”. A lot of people killed their drives for updating when the really didn’t have to.

Anyway, on that problem the only thing I can suggest is to try the update on another computer.

are you trying to update over a wireless connection?  also, was there a specific reason you were updating?  or were you attempting to update smartware?

  1. You both “dudes” absolutely right there in US.9  Ill use another PC over the weekend. 

  2. Well, if the firmware updates every three months why  shouldnt  Eye???

  3. YES, I attempted update the Smartware since Im White Human.  Just Kid din 

I don’t recommend updating firmware unless yoiu are having problems. If anything goes wrong and corrupts it your drive is a paper weight. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Its a wire.  Smartware updated properly. Firmware only. Some thing wrong. 

Actually, not realy like any kind of “jigsaws”  to be solved, “step by step with Master of Peppets”. You know. I chosen WD not  paying much attention on “the weird PseudoGod’s  ways on the sovereign territory of Russia”. And, I do not step back.

you’re sounding more like a troll everyday.  bye-bye.