Unable to update firmware

I installed Win10 fresh today, updated and except Google Chrome I have no other programs installed yet.

I installed the latest WD SSD Dashboard, this didn’t recognize my WD Green SSD (exact type: wds120g2g0a-00jh30), purchased about a month ago.
On this forum I found that I needed to install version, which I did and the drive was recognized correctly.
Now my disk has firmware revision UE300000 and the SSD Dashboard tells me a new firmware version is available (and also a new SSD Dashboard version, but that will probably won’t recognize the drive again, catch-22). When I try to update the app doesn’t install the firmware and gives me error code #18.

Now I do want to update the firmware but I’m unable to find a download anywhere.

Is there a direct link to the firmware?

Unfortunately, there is no direct link to install the firmware. It has to be installed via the Dashboard. Can you check under Disk drives in Device Manager to see if the WD Green SSD is seen as a SCSI Disk Device? If so, that is the reason why you are running into issues with version 1.x. and why version 2.x does not detect the drive. You can check to see if there is an update for the SATA driver, try changing the SATA configuration in the BIOS to AHCI, and switch SATA port to see if it is seen as a Disk drive and not a SCSI Disk Device. Once it is seen as regular drive (not SCSI), you should be able to update the Dashboard to the latest version and install the the latest firmware update.

hello, did you find any direct link to the firmware? I have the same ssd as your and I need the firmware.

nope, haven’t found or gotten the link. left it as is. no issues to date though.