Unable to update firmware for my WD My Book 2TB

As per WD instructions, I have downloaded the WDFirmwareUpdater.exe software and have tried to run it.

All I get is the message “The appliocation has encountered an unexpected error and is now exiting”.

Any suggestions?

I have a Dell desktop PC

(I note that the antivirus and antispyware software needs to be disabled but that I need to stay connected to the internet to down load the software from WD. I’m not keen to leave my PC with this protection disabled and open to the 'net. )

Also I notice that it takes helluva lot of my CPU capacity a great deal of the time. Is this normal?

Cheers and TIA, Chris

Personally I wouldn’t do the update unless I’m having some issue with the drive. I haven’t updated mine but I don’t use the Smartware. The Smartware can use a lot of sytem resources.


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Thanks Joe for the comments.

I hadn’t noticed any problems or glitches with the software and just ‘presumed’ that an update would be an improvement! I wonder how many other buyers don’t use the Smartware?

I must admit I originally bought the External Drive as tertiary backup storage and didn’t plan to use the ‘live’ backup Smartware. However it seemed too good to be true and so easy that I let it run.  I think I’ll disable it and see if this improves the CPU resources.

Thanks again