Unable to sync photos.db

I am getting non-stop errors popping up every few seconds that state “Unable to Sync ‘photos.db’”

“photos.db will not be synced. Will Try again soon”

If I’m on for any length of time I could get 100’s? Any idea what I need to do? When I view the notifications, they provide no assistance.


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photos.db is more than likely a protected/hidden OS file inside your folder that you are syncing. It is likely that your user account does not have the appropriate filesystem access credentials to read (or write, at destination?) the file, which is what is causing the failure.

I dont use WD’s tools (I use linux, and use things like rsync) so i have no idea how to put an exclusion on the files to sync, but that is what you need to do-- exclude that file from the sync operation. Similar would be for files like thumbs.db and the like.

Did you ever sort this out?