Unable to sync folders - Mac OSX 10.13.1 & WDSync


I installed the new version of WD Sync today (v. on my Macbook Pro, which is running OSX 10.13.1. Unfortunately, it ‘lost’ all of my syncing settings. The files and folders are still there, but WD Sync is no longer syncing them.

I attempted to use the WD Sync app to re-select the folders so that they will start syncing again, but unfortunately all of the folders are grayed out in the app. I cannot select any of them.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail.

Can anyone help me here?

Thank you!

WD Sync on the Mac for high sierra is broken. Apple introduced a new file system and WD has yet to fix their sync app. No response from them on if.when they will fix it.

Up otherwise I change my WD for an Synology because it’s absolutely not normal, WD continue to sell this products and need to working with high Sierra.

Any WD staff give an update there ?

Try this: clone (make a copy) of the WD Sync folder in the NAS then rename it to your taste. Sync the local (in your Mac) folder to that (clone, renamed) folder. Repeat the process as many times as many folders you need.