Unable to stream music from MyCloud

I have a 4TB MyCloud which works fine until WD issue a new firmware update. Since the latest update in January I have been unable to stream my music via my network player and I am getting very cross and frustrated by this!

Although I have been in touch directly with WD Support the problem is still ongoing as there doesn’t appear to be solid solution to my issue. Basically, for the past month or so the MyClouds has been constantly scanning my data so it has never been in a state where it is settled so that I can access the music from my Network Player.

WD Support have put forward a number of suggestions so but none of these have worked so far. On their advice I have rebooted the MyCloud and rescanned my data. I am currently ‘Rebuilding’ my database and from past experience this will probably take at least another day to complete.

In the meantime can anybody offer any help or advice which might help overcome this ongoing issue? Is there anything in the ‘Settings’ which help things run more smoothly in the future? For example I just want to play my music inside the house so would it help to turn off Public Access to my files?

Apologies in advance for my own lack of knowledge in the ‘streaming world’ but as a Silver Surfer I have come to this late in life!



Hi there,

What system do you use to play your music through the network? Also would like to know exactly what type of issues are you experiencing when you try to play the music.

I have an Arcam CDS 27 Network Player and use the Musiclife app on my iPad to control the music I want to play. However, since the last WD firmware update I have been unable to connect to DNLA server on my MyCloud as the files on there on constantly being scanned. Therefore, I have been unable to stream any digital music for about a month.

Please let me know if you need any further detail.



Firmware upgrades can break lots of settings for the media server, since the two are very badly integrated.

You might benefit from reading this FAQ:

Firstly, I’d check that both media serving settings are correct (see Q. How do I start the Twonky Media Server?).

The MyCloud media scan and the twonky media server scan are two different things; the latter is usually pretty quick (mine takes about 15 minutes for 65k tracks. If the twonky ui is reporting that it is still scanning, I’d start to think about corrupt format files.

Thanks for your response. Hopefully it will help resolve my current issues.