Unable to stream iso files wirelessly properly

Please take it easy on an old codger, i am very new to all this and can’t seem to find a difinitive answer to my problem. I have over 100 iso files which are stored on a seperate harddrive.
I seem to unable to stream the files wirelessly the majority of the time and when they do play they take ages to come on. There is a mixture of iso files that don’t have a menu structure. I have tried playing the iso file that has been placed on to a pen drive and they play no problem menu and all.
All I would like to know if possible CAN I STREAM ISO FILES WIRELESSLY if someone could answer this in plain English that would be great. I have even played a 1080p file wirelessly with no problem,very impressed with this,so I do not think it’s the connection.
I have the wd tv hd player with the newest firmware, and using the PS3 media streamer to stream (I basically don’t know any other good streamers) I hope I have given all the relevant info that somebody can use to help me. As I said before please take it easy on me as I am a noob and an old fart. All in all I think it’s a great media player…

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No. The WDTV HDs do not support networking at all. The Live, Live Plus, and Hub do, though.

It seems i have made a mistake in the name of the player i have, its a WD TV Live HD Media Player sorry about that, see what i mean about being an old fart.

So should i be able to stream these iso files with no problems?

Thanks very much for the quick reply.

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You should also state with firmware version you have on the unit.

I do believe that this was working at one point, but then a bug was introduced which caused inefficient network read patterns on the ISO file, which caused it not to work, stutter, or take a long time in general. I thought that the most recent firmwares may have fixed this problem.

I’m sure somebody else will probably have better info for you.

I also just noticed you are posting on the WD TV HD forum, you should post in the WD TV Live forum instead since that is the unit that you have.

Thanks very much for the info.

I have now managed to set up network shares and stream my iso files from a external hard drive where they were stored,and are now playing back with no problems whatsoever, made up with myself being able to set this up.

All is rosier in my house hold now.

Thanks very much for the comments and info, don’t feel such a noob now…