Unable to start WD TV LIVE


Please help me, I have WD TV LIVE for a year. It’s been working well. I turned it off 2 days ago. Now my unit is not working. When I turn the power on I can see the light is on but not showing on my LCD and also so not connect my external hard drive (WD 1T) as the usb light was not on. It does not look it’s working at all even the power light is on. I have tried to reset to manufacture but it didn’t reset either. It seems the unit completely stops. Any idea, appriciate.

Try unpluging the WD for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.  This should be more than enough time to test power removal. If it doen’t come back on OK but everyting else checks out OK, better contact WD support.

Thanks, I have tried to turn off the power completely and left for an hour but no change. The light is on but nothing else works. I think I have to contact WD support.


Have you tried the composite video output using the supplied cable. You may be having a problem with HDMI if you are using that.