Unable to setup FTP service on MWB


I am trying to setup the FTP service on the NAS drive but when I connect through FileZilla all I see is an empty directory listing.

This NAS is connected to a Cisco ASA 5500 VPN router and i want to access it through our local LAN, not from the outside.

Do I have to configure something on the VPN router?

Or does the VPN router has nothing to do with this?


Is the correct port being forwarded to the NAS’s IP?  Default for FTP on the NAS is port 21 so make sure that the router is forwarding Port 21 to the NAS’s IP.  (It’s also best to set a static IP for the NAS when using FTP)

I’ve noticed that some folders take a lot longer to access than others (depending on the size) after the update.

Router has nothing to do with it. You don’t need to do port forwarding inside your own network. Port forwarding is to open up ports for external world to access your home network. Unless you know exactly what you do, you should never forward your ports or it’s just a matter of time that a hacker will sneak in and make damage.

Check that your shares have actually FTP service enabled. Log in to the web app using the administrator > Advanced Mode > Storage > Folder Shares

If your share(s) don’t have a checkmark in the FTP column, they don’t accept FTP requests. To enable them, click on the modify icon, check the FTP service for the share and click Submit.

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