Unable to set up WD My Book again


I recently shifted and had unpacked my WD My Book World Edition 1 TB. When I was trying to set up at the new house (with new internet connection of course), it does not seem to work. I appear to be a novice when it comes to anything to do with networking, but this is what I did:

Connected an ethernet port between the router and the hard drive.

Connected the hard drive with an AC adaptor.

Powered the device. 

Naturally the URL I was previously using to function the hard drive (Run > \:******) says it cannot be found.

I then installed WD Anywhere Access,

and the problem is I have set up an account here and named the PC also but it does not seem to detect the hard drive? Like reading the tutorials, when I set up a new account with MioNET/Anywhere Access it should enable me to add the storage device but it does not. 

At this point, I have a query:

My network router is connected to my PC at the moment, though can I use my laptop as the base computer for this hard drive? Or because the PC remains connected to the router, it has to be the main one? Does not make sense as wireless works (on laptops) without connecting to PC as well.

Also, why do you reckon it does not detect? I had around 600 GB worth of data (which I had collected treasurely) over the past couple of years, so I would be devastated to lose it all.

Any suggestions? Any ideas? Please try to list it step-by-step as I appear to be slow in understanding of the set-up.

Thanks already in advance and I apologise if I remained unclear in my explanation of the problem.

PS:  I also noticed a USB cable slot at the back of My Book but have not connected the hard drive directly to any computer/laptop through that slot. Do I have to? I do not recall using a USB cable previously but I set up the WD My Book ages ago so completely forgot. 

Hi there, try to PING the MBW to get the IP address and you’ll be ready to go.

Go to CMD and type “PING mybookworld” without the quotes (Or the drive name if you changed it, no spaces) and the computer should give you the IP address.

The USB port is for connecting another external USB drive to the MBW, so it doesn’t work to connect it to your computer.