Unable To Set Up User For Remote Access

I have set up my Ex2 Ultra Remote with two users.
The first is admin.
I can sign on with admin on the local ip address on my network.
I cannot however sign on outside my network on a different computer.
I have enabled cloud access via Settings->General->Cloud Access
I have selected ‘Get Code’ for the admin account from Cloud Access->Configure Access.
I do not receive an email on the email account attached to the admin account.
When I try to login via mycloud.com using the email for the admin account I get ‘password incorrect’.

I have also set up a second non-admin account with a different email address.
I have selected ‘Get Code’.
I have set the password for this different email address user.
Again when I try and login via mycloud.com using the email address and password I get ‘password incorrect’.

I have tried changing the passwords and re-sending an email from the ‘Configure access’ page for both accounts but I never receive any email to connect. The resend option displays the error message, ‘Failed to update device user. (400068)’. I have checked spam and junk email folders.

Please help.

I have spent some time on this and I have found the problem is user specific.
Deleting the user and then creating a user with a new username and the same email address will send emails to the email account to get remote access. The email whaen received invites the user to sign on but does not accept the password I set as admin. The user has to go through the ‘forgot password’ process to get access.

However what should I do about my admin user that cannot access remotely?
I can’t delete the ‘admin’ account and create is as ‘admin something else’ or else I simply won’t have access as an admin. Can you create new users with admin capability?

Hi rebelfox,

You can refer to the link mentioned below in order to resolve the issue with your WD device.