Unable to set up My Cloud EX2 Ultra as active FTP client

I need to set up an scheduled FTP conection to backup certain folders from a Linux server (located in my LAN) to My Cloud. I assume the only way to do that is by using the “FTP Downloads” App.

The problem is the connection to ftp server fails (when I try to set up the Source Folder). To verify, I tested the connection by means of Filezilla, and it works well, but I needed to set up it on “active transfer mode”. Default and passive transfer modes fail. I think the App “FTP downloads” works in passive transfer mode… and I can’t find any option to change this parameter… Does anyone have any idea to solve this?

Note this is not the typical FTP issue posted here. I’m not interested in My Cloud EX2 as FTP server, but as FTP client for backup purposes of crytical data in my Linux server.

By de way, the device uses the last firmware: 2.21.126.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Please refer to this post for more information and instructions on how to set up the connection on active mode:


I really apreciate your interest, but it seems the instructions on the linked post are about how to enable MyCloudEX as FTP server for clients outside its network (over Internet). My case is different: I need MyCoud to connect to a Linux FTP Server located in the same LAN. So, port forwarding doesn’t apply here.

The only way I have found to do the job is using the “FTP Download” App. I checked all the options and all the available Apps for the device, and believe only FTP Download can help. But, when I try to set-up the task, get the following message (picking the Source Folder “Browse” button):

Filezilla, in my computer, on the same LAN, can connect to the server if I select “Active transfer mode”:

Ok this FTP is broken client. Its useless.

Since you said you had a linux server. Do you own it with root access.

if you can install custom software server software. Then for your purpose there is an app.

its basically a folder sync app by rsync which got recently renamed as Resilio sync.

Let me know if you can install a server in your linux machine which will allow to sync a part of folder or entire drive to your nas as per your need.


Thank a lot for your help! Sadly, the server belongs to an external technology provider, so I don’t have root access to it. In addition, they are not well disposed towards make changes on the installed software :(.

I think one alternative solution is to use a backup software on a different machine that copy the information to the NAS. It’s Ok, but not optimal. I’d prefer the NAS do all the job. Maybe WD shall improbe the “FTP Download” App in the future. It costs nothing to dream :wink: