Unable to set auto-mount - see: storage->volume encryption->modify

My Cloud Firmware Version 2.11.153 has broken the ability to set “Auto-Mount” under the STORAGE->VOLUME ENCRYPTION->MODIFY dialog. Even though the check-box is checked and is saved, it does not get set. The VOLUME ENCRYPTION dialog screen shows a “–” where it should show “AUTO” – This is extremely important. Now, when the EX4 reboots, the volume will not be available until the admin logs in and manually clicks “MOUNT” and enters an Encryption Key. We have been rebooting the device everyday using the GENERAL-ENERGY SAVER->POWER SCHEDULE feature, which was found to be a good solution for re-establishing fast data transfer speeds on the network, which is a widely talked-about performance issue with the EX4… Now, we can no longer re-boot daily to achieve this necessary performance level without manually logging in and remounting, as described above. This process is unacceptable as an unsustainable IT process for all the obvious reasons. PLEASE FIX ASAP!

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Thank you for reporting the issue.
We will pass this along to the appropriate internal teams for immediate investigation.