Unable to see what MAC backup files are on the MCM

I have had my MCM about a week and personally think it is a wonderful piece of kit.

I completed my Windows 7 backup and viewed all the files on the MCM in explorer.

I then backed up my partner’s MAC using Time Machine.

There was about 65 Gb of stuff and took a couple of hours.

I was not shown what was being backed up on the MAC, it just went ahead and did it.

No problem I thought as I can view the data afterwards on the MCM.

That was the problem.

I checked the data via explorer and the only screens I got are shown below.

I got the same result on the MAC as well as my iPhone.

2nd picture

For a start the file sizes shown do not relate to the size of the backup and opening any of them on either screen bears no fruit.

Am I missing something?

How do I view what files have been backed up?

Would the files you can see above be enough for aq restore.

I’ve searched the boards but could not find a similar problem.

Thank you in anticipation


‘Leave me in the dark and I will find the light’.

Apple Time Machine backups are only accessible via Apple Time Machine by selecting the option “Enter Time Machine” using a Mac computer. It is a system-recovery, emergency, “crash-plan” backup that is not designed to be normally accessible in order to prevent data corruption.

If you would like for files copied from a Mac computer to be accessible, then the files must be copied manually or by means of a dedicated backup/sync app other than Time Machine that does not encrypt the files.

For more information please visit the following link:


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Thank you for that full answer.

So does that mean I never get to see what is backed up unless I need to restore it?

Can that backup be added to a reformatted machine?

Should I erase that backup from my MCM and do another but before it starts working go into Time Machine and choose what I want to back up?

What sort of stuff does Time Machine backup? 


‘Leave me in the dark and I will find the light’.

  1. You can see the backup by initiating the restore process. You do not need to complete it.

  2. Yes.

3 & 4) This is up to you and your personal needs. However, I do not believe Time Machine allows you to select what you want to copy since it creates system “snapshots” mirroring the entire computer (Including system files and applications) at the time of creation. Other backup utilities may allow you to select specific files and/or folders though.

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So I can’t view my photos from anywhere on the MCM from the MAC but I can from Windows?


‘Leave me in the dark and I will find the light’.

Yes you can, as long as the photos are not copied by means of Time Machine.

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