Unable to See Share folder with a # sign in it

Is there any reason I can’t see a folder named Movies #-H ? I can see my other two folders named Movies I-Q and Movies R-Z.

I’d assume it’s a disallwed character, if all the permissions are correct.

I was able to see it before, I had named it Movied #-H on acicdent and then changed the d to a s and no more ;(

Oh, well in that case the links to the share probably point to the old name.  Try power-cycling the WDTV.

Maybe i was trippin, I renamed the folder and took out the # and it works, renamed it back and it dont work so maybe it never did… thats pretty **bleep** lame.

That’d be Microsoft’s decision as to what’s legal in a CIFS name.

is legal in almost every filesystem I’m aware of…

What about WINS and DNS?

That’s HOSTNAMEs, not FILENAMEs.  :)  

The Live uses SMBTREE to discover shares; here’s what a comparable linux platform sees…

                \\SATURN\IPC$ Remote IPC
                \\NEPTUNE\Test Folder 1
                \\NEPTUNE\Test Folder #2
                \\NEPTUNE\My Photos
                \\NEPTUNE\Movies 1

Note the second share under Neptune…  It has a # in it, and Linux likes it just fine…

Oh, I know… but if SMB/CFIS is somewhat based on WINS and DNS, then it’s possible for Microsoft to have disallowed certain characters in share names, regardless of what the file name in the folder is allowed to contain.

OOops, I edited while you posted; you probably didn’t see my test case.

Yep… not Microsoft’s fault… for once.

#test” folder, shared with “everyone” is discoverable on Mrs. RG’s PC, but not on the Live running 1.02.21.

This is quite annoying :frowning: