Unable to see Family folder

NO!! no family folder…

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truely sad… :cry:

We should probably accept the situation, return this piece of nonsense and get our money back. Thats what I just did. @WD: STOP harassing with your stupid ‘features’- I hope you go broke!


Can someone please share recommendations for alternative easy-to-use drives that offer the feature to share folders in a finder or explorer window like we used to be able to do with the Family folder??


this is ridiculous, why the hell would they disable this?



What happens? Why do they promise that changes will come so that the family folder comes back in a form … and nothing happens.
That was the only reason we bought that product … It’s so crazy if it’s legal. That’s a lot of money we’ve wasted.
We would never recommend some to buy their shitty products, never …


Totally agree with Ms_dk, this is a lot of money we’ve wasted. Why did this happened? We had the Family Folder and suddenly it’s gone! Why? What’s the reason why we’ve lost it?


Western Digital Technologies, Inc. is a shame it’s ending the year and they don’t even deign to answer when they come back access the Family folder .


new year, the same answer … zero


Same here. Extremely disappointed. Support said, a firmware fix will follow soon (Oct 2019). Nothing happened to date.



@SBrown is back… maybe we’ll get some news… well at least he is back there: https://community.wd.com/t/cannot-reclaim-space-after-deleting-files-folders/245857/2

Dear All,
just few information on the topic.
Yesterday I received an answer by the WD HD by email, they wrote that the Family folder will be again available by WD app (non only web) - again without deadline.
The NEWS is that I finally succeded to manage a Public folder by mapping it: in Mac OSX is simple, just add a Connection to server in Finder (as Guest):
smb://MYCLOUD-XXXXXX/PUBLIC (where XXXXXX is yours WD HD serial number, that you can see in Netwotk device)
Schermata 2020-01-20 alle 17.48.23
You can also create an automatic mapping at each reboot by drag and drop the mapped disk in Login Elements, in Users, in System Preferences.
Schermata 2020-01-20 alle 17.49.21
This allow you complete management of PUBLIC folder, by all users connected locally in LAN (with WiFi or wired). IT WORKS FINE!
I don’t have same familiarity with Windows, but I am sure you can find a way to map the folder.
Summarising, in this way you will have:

  • Access to a shared folder named PUBLIC, with complete management profile, by all the users connected locally in LAN (this folder is not accessible by WEB - even there is another folder named PUBLIC, created by web instructions);
  • All the other functions, as:
    • Access by web to all the folder that you created or other users linked to you (completely different by the PUBLIC shared by mapped disk);
    • Access by web and WD app to all the folder you create;
    • Access to the FAMILY folder (if it exists before) by web and also by WD app if you are the administrator (first user) of the WD my cloud home disk.

Waiting of new features by WD, I hope this will be usefull to you…



Hi Angelo

Where exactly can you find the WD HD serial number (as replacement for XXXXXX)?
Can’t find something like your GAA44J on my Device on the label sticker.

Thanks for getting back - will then try that mapping on Windows…


Hi Nymals,
I found it in Finder, in Net Resouces:
Schermata 2020-02-03 alle 06.27.43

Let me you if you will get the target (i.e. the serial number, and than the PUBLIC folder available)…

Has WD made any official statement as this issue makes it a brick for everyone but the admin


August 21st. See: https://community.wd.com/t/unable-to-see-family-folder/239637/52?u=austinforest

Later on, they stated it was due for the end of October… and then changed the message: https://community.wd.com/t/how-many-family-folder-topics-are-neccesary-for-you-guys-take-action/241986/14?u=austinforest

They don’t care about their customers.

@SBrown, is there any news about this topic??? I believe you guys at WD do not understand how this is important to our job, to the daily events…

Please, We want some information on where this update is at. A deadline or something. It’s not that much to ask…


They don’t care about their customers :frowning:

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@AndreJorgeAdv @AustinForest The new MCH “Private Sharing” feature included in the Desktop App (KDD) is currently not ready for public release. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a release date at this time.

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Thanks for giving an update but it is quite a shame.

Do you intend to share a roadmap for upcoming features to MCH? Where are we going with this thing?